Our Company ensures a steady stream of Qualified Tours to view informative and entertaining time share and vacation ownership presentations.


The Company achieves this by offering incentives or vacations to only qualified buyers.  Through our questions and warm-up, we make sure your prospects can purchase should they decide your product is for them.  Our goal is to eliminate as many back-end objections as possible, including, “We are buying a home right now.”, “We are dealing with a medical issue.”, “We are looking to change jobs.”, “Start a business.”, etc.…

Appointment sets are booked when the prospect verifies their Income, Credit, and desire to put Vacation back into their lives.


Our Company works with developers at their level of need, so pricing varies per developer and is determined by location, availability of data in 50-mile radius of sales site, wave allocation, and days open to tour.  Gifting is key to ensure the right type of Appointment.


We can generate as much as you can sell!